What is Digital Marketing?

The term “digital marketing” often encompasses many facets of
digital media: content writing, content strategy, analytics, and more.


Here is how I can help you and your business:

Clever Girl has over ten years of blogging experience.
Whether your mission is to inform, entertain, or something else entirely, Clever Girl will take your vision and create engaging, conversational blog posts that people love to read.

Social media: you know you need it. But who’s got time to build social media channels that engage and delight followers? Clever Girl, that’s who. From content creation to scheduling & audience feedback/engagement, Clever Girl takes the work off of you so you can focus on building your business.

E-mail marketing’s a tricky beast, and those e-mail algorithms are fickle. Clever Girl has years of experience crafting engaging e-mails with copy that’ll knock the socks off your customers, clients, friends, and family. #ByeSocks

If you need web copy, white papers, print articles, or anything else written, give me a shout and let’s chat.
I’ve written for various mediums and have had work published both online and in print.