Alright, so here’s the thing. I was basically raised by the internet.

We got our first family computer when I was 9 years old. My web obsession began when I logged on to Prodigy and posted my first message on the Baby-Sitters’ Club message board.

(If you don’t know what Prodigy is, kindly hand me my cane and get off my lawn, you youngin’.)

I’ve been using social media since social media was a thing, and I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

If you need social media management, let’s talk.

I Can Help:

As an older Millennial, I consider myself an internet pioneer. I may not know all the latest slang (still trying to figure out what “on fleek” means), but I can damn sure create social media content that your followers will love.

Hit me up and let’s make your social game #OnFleek.
(Did I use that right?)